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We Are A Fully Insured Painting Company Based In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania With Over 15+ Years Of Experience.


Interior Painting

Your home deserves high-quality services and a perfect finish. As the best interior painter, we provide a professional, efficient, and up to the mark interior painting job.


Drywall Repair & Finishing

Our drywall repair and finishing services identify the root cause and take practical steps to prevent the problem from happening again. We'll patch, sand, and prime your drywall to create a perfect surface and the best small drywall finishing.


Exterior Painting

Our expert team of best exterior painting is always here to provide you with outclass services. We have years of experience in painting various surfaces with every kind of outdoor material.

Trust the Professionals

Caleb Davis Painting delivers a professional painting experience that is well organized, managed, and completely within your budget. We work in a hassle-free process from selecting colors, suiting to your space’s whole décor & aesthetics to post painting cleanup and handover. If you’re looking for residential and commercial painting services, trust our team to get the perfect job done. For more information contact us today.


Latest Projects

Bedroom & Family Room

Bedroom & Family Room

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Living Room & Kitchen

Living Room & Kitchen

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Historic Stone Wall

Historic Stone Wall

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Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

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Kitchen & Family Room

Kitchen & Family Room

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Garage Interior

Garage Interior

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Our Services

Paint Selection

We assist you in selecting paint that is durable and long-lasting, not only enhancing your maintenance but saving your money in the long term.

Wood Staining

We only use premium wood stain colors that provide superior protection and bring out the wood's natural beauty. By hiring our experienced team, maintaining, and protecting your stained wood doesn’t have to be a devastating task anymore.

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